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Our Pledge of Accuracy

We stand behind the accuracy of our material and labor pricing. If our estimations deviate from the actual costs, we’ll take responsibility and work with you to find a solution that keeps your project on track.

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Are Cost Overruns and Budget Uncertainties Hitting Your Projects Hard?

Are Cost Overruns and Budget Uncertainties Hitting Your Projects Hard?

At Estimation & Co, we understand the struggles you face in the construction industry. The relentless battle against cost overruns, the frustration of inaccurate budget estimations, and the complexity of juggling various aspects of a project can leave you drained and disheartened.

But fear not, for there’s a beacon of accuracy and reliability in construction estimation services – Estimation & Co New Zealand!

Our Comprehensive Service Offerings

🏠 Building Cost Estimating Services

Lay the foundation of success with our precise cost estimations that factor in every aspect of your construction project.

πŸ’° Budget Estimating Services

Say goodbye to budget uncertainties and make informed decisions with our meticulously calculated budget estimates.

πŸ“Š BIM Estimating Services

Harness the power of BIM to streamline your projects and enhance cost efficiency with our specialized BIM estimating services.

πŸ“ Blueprint Estimating Services

Transform complex blueprints into crystal-clear cost projections, ensuring a seamless understanding of project costs.

πŸ› οΈ Quantity Takeoff Services

Embrace efficiency with our automated quantity takeoff services that save time while delivering accurate results.

🏑 Single Family Residential Estimating Services

Whether you’re building a cozy nest or a grand mansion, our residential estimating services ensure your project starts off on the right financial foot.

🏒 Commercial & Industrial Estimating Services

From towering commercial complexes to industrial facilities, our estimations empower your project management with unmatched accuracy.

πŸ“‘ Preliminary Estimate

Get an early glimpse of your project’s financial landscape with our preliminary estimates, allowing you to plan with foresight.

πŸ—οΈ Construction Estimating Consultant

Leverage the wisdom of our experienced consultants to navigate intricate estimation challenges and optimize project budgets.

πŸ“… Primavera Scheduling Services

Seamlessly integrate project schedules with cost estimations for a holistic project management approach.

πŸ“† MS Project Scheduling Services

Align your project’s timelines and budget estimations using MS Project, creating a synergy that fosters success.

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Unveiling Our 7 applications Irresistible Benefits

When you hire us for estimation services, you know you’re getting highly qualified professionals who have the expertise and experience to make sure your project is done properly
and functions.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Our battle-tested techniques and cutting-edge technology ensure that our estimates are not just numbers, but true reflections of the actual costs, leaving no room for nasty surprises.

Budget Confidence

Tired of underestimating and scrambling for more funds mid-project? With our services, you’ll have the power to plan better, allocate resources wisely, and keep your projects on track.

BIM Excellence

Dive into the world of Building Information Modeling (BIM) with our specialized BIM estimating services. Maximize your project’s efficiency, minimize waste, and reduce costs with our BIM expertise.

Blueprint Enlightenment

Our blueprint estimating services decode complex architectural drawings into comprehensive cost insights. No more guesswork, no more confusion – just clear, concise, and accurate estimations.

Swift Quantity Takeoffs

Say goodbye to manual quantity calculations that eat away at your time. Our advanced quantity takeoff services utilize the latest tools to ensure speed, precision, and efficiency.

Tailored Residential Solutions

From cozy single-family dwellings to sprawling estates, our residential estimating services cater to projects of all sizes. Your dream home deserves an accurate price tag.

Commercial & Industrial Mastery

Whether skyscrapers or factories, our commercial and industrial estimating services cover the diverse spectrum of construction. Experience the power of dependable estimates in every sector.


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Are you tired of the stress and uncertainty that come with inaccurate budget estimates? Do cost overruns and last-minute budget adjustments keep you up at night?

Estimation & Co New Zealand offers a robust suite of services that redefine construction estimation. From cutting-edge technology to industry expertise, we bring you accurate, dependable, and confidence-boosting estimations.